This section is broken down into 3 categories.
(1) At the pick up.
(2) During the job.
(3) At the drop-off.

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Right before you arrive your first pick-up, do one last walk around and make sure the limo is perfect.

Your in route, you have already called your client. You are in the area 30 minutes early. Its 20 minutes before your pick up and it's time to do one last 60 second inspection. I preferr to drive with my divider up. I think that clients should have their own privacy and enjoy the limo without some stalker-driver starring at their every move. So the first thing I do right before my pick up is put my divider up. I then walk around my limo one last time to see if the drive caused any exterior dirt to make it's home on my limo. I then usually rewipe any excess brake dust of my front wheels, hit my tires up with some TIRE SHINE and then jump in the back of the car. Someitmes the drive is long and buy the time you get their, the rear of the limo is either way to cold are very hot. So I adjust the temp one last time. I then make sure that the radio is set on a station that comes in clear. Just because 92.3 came in when I left the Limo Office, that does not mean it is still going to come in at your pick up in North Stonington, CT. So again, always remember, to use your brain. This is somebodies special event. Make it go by perfect. Do a quick pre pick-up inspection.


Park in the best spot possible that makes the limo look good and most importantly, is the safest.

You made it. It's 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.  Good Job.  The very first thing you should do is find a good spot to park the limo.  Don’t park 100 feet away.  Try to get as close as possible.  Do not park your limousine on the other side of the road and make you client’s cross the street unless you absolutely need to.  Try to get the limousine as close to the curb as possible and put your hazards on.  Always think SAFETY.



Always greet your client with a professional hand shake.

Your limo is parked.  Now what?  Let’s see.  You have two choices.  Choice #1:  Call your client and give him a courtesy call letting him know that you have arrived the pick-up address on your contract.  Choice #2:  Park you limousine, walk up to the main door, knock on it and introduce yourself.  If you’re at a Hotel, go to the main desk and ask for them to inform your client of your arrival.  Bottom line, make an effort to let your client know that you, the guy worked super hard at being on time, is 15 minutes early!  You probably not expecting it but, there is a 10% chance you might just be at the wrong pick-up and a simple phone call could avoid you a major problem. Once your client does come out, greet him/her with a professional hand shake.  Any questions?



No. You do not go over your reservation with your clients pet. You speak directly to the client. Face to face. Up front, away from the crowd.


The crowd is coming out of the house.  The neighbors are starting to walk towards you.  Cats and dogs are getting along.  People start jumping in the limo.  The music is loud.  The coolers are opening up.  Bottles are starting to pop.  You are standing by the back door looking like a professional hit man.  The party has begun.  

It’s now time to walk up to the main client and ask him quietly if you can walk up to the front of the limo, just you two, and review the limo contract.
I always start right out by reviewing the basics.  Pick up time, limousine ordered, destinations.  Mix your convo with a little small talk.  Then I review the financial terms.  First off, I collect the full balance due.  Then I show him/her what time the contract states they are paid in full until and I also go over the overtime rate.  Once client agrees I circle those 2 points on the contract and I make them initial each spot on the limo reservation.  You have to remember, the client is not paying close attention to your boring words.  He wants to get in the back of the limo and get his groove on with all the girls in mini-skirts.  So it is very important.  Get his/her initials on your overtime rate and the time the client is paid in full until.   Collect your balance due in cash at the pick-up unless your reservation says a different type of payment method is OK.   Next, have him sign and date his contract. 
Next, it takes 30 seconds to let him know you have your own route planned out.  If it’s easy to explain tell him.  “I will be taking 95 north straight into China Town, exit 18 and from their Club Roxy is only 2 miles off the highway.”  Then explain to him, you do not need directions and he should just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Count the money slowly in front of the client. Do not just put in in your pocket like a shy 4th grade girl.

For some reason, chauffeurs get intimidated about collecting their balance due in cash at the pick-up.  Clients are going to smooth talk you, tell you they are friends with the owner, they are going to give you many excuses why they cannot give you their balance in cash.  “We were told we can pay with a check”.  Sometimes they even bring 15 checks.  In today’s economy, we find that many peoples check are bouncing. Do not collect any other form of payment except the type that is described on your contract.  If a client says that he/she has the remaining balance due at the next pick up, then call into your office and get permission to travel to the next pick up and collect the money there.  Do not just take it on your own or believe any of the clients BS.  (Bull shavings).  When the client finally dos hand you the full balance due in cash, count it in front of him. Do not just put the money in your pants and walk away and say THANK YOU.  In the end, the only person that is going to get screwed is you. Here at Celebrity Limousine, chauffeurs are to text management with these symbols: $$$, once they have collected their balance due in cash.


Count the money slowly in front of the client. Do not just put it in your pocket like a shy 4th grade girl.

Next, it takes 30 seconds to let your client know you have your own route planned out.  If it’s easy to explain, tell him.  “I will be taking 95 north, straight into China Town, exit 18 and from their Club Roxy is only 2 miles off the highway.”  Then explain to him, you do not need directions and he should just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you don’t explain to your client what route you are taking, there is always so drunk idiot in the back, who knows a better route than you and the whole time they will slander you for taking the WRONG WAY to Boston.  Assure your client the Routing is in good hands at the pick -p and they all need to sip on their Patron and shut up.

If your client has multiple pick-ups tell him/her that you have your own GPS and all you need is an address.  If he says he doesn’t know it, tell him to text his friend and have them text him the address real quick.  Trust me, “Never take directions from a client!!!”  Let me say it again, “Never take directions from a client”.  There is too many reasons why.  Reason # 1:  Never take directions from a drunken person.  Reason # 2:  They will tell you 3 feet from the turn and it will be too late for you to slow the vehicle down and make the right turn.  Reason # 3:  They always end up forgetting to even tell you to turn until you are 10 minutes past the street.  Reason # 4: Because I told you no.  That one’s my favorite.  I think what I like about Reason # 4 the most is because I told you not to, you’re going to do it anyways.  Anyways, good luck with that.  Let’s move on.

Next, Lets review what takes place During The Job.


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