Chauffeuring is a fun job. I loved it after doing my very first run. Actually, I think I loved it within the first minute of doing my very first job. As I grew up and became a manly man, I realized Chauffeuring also has alot of liabilty involved.

The Definition of Liability
The definition of the word "liability" according to Wikpedia is something that puts an individual at a disadvantage.

Why is Chauffeuring a Liability?
Chauffeuring is a liability because if it is a very, very distracting job.  If you’re not paying attention things can go wrong and go wrong quick.   In this business, when something goes wrong it usually means someone’s night out was just ruined.  Somebody just missed their Airplane.  Somebody just rear ended a car on the highway.  Somebody just hit a curb and got a flat.  Some bride is currently stranded.  Get it?

Chauffeuring Liabilities

You start your limo up.  You ARE IN TO MUCH OF A RUSH to do your Pre-Trip Damage Inspection. You drive your whole night out and don’t hit anything.  The problem is the previous driver hit something and you didn’t report it because you rushed to the lot and took off without doing your Pre-Trip Damage Inspection. 
For you, that’s a disadvantage.  For me, the limo employer, that’s a disadvantage, which means “you” are a disadvantage.  No employers in the Transportation Industry want to employ a liability. 

It’s ice cold outside.  You know the mechanic team was walking around the parking lot when you came to pick up your limo so you figure, “I’ll just skip my Pre-Trip Safety DOT Inspection”.  “Nobody will know I didn’t do my Inspection”.  That’s real smart. Go to and type in the search box “Bus Accidents”.  I received a letter from the FMCSA several months ago that stated Bus accidents are the highest they have been in 10 years. For me, the limo employer, you skipping on a single Pre-Trip Safety DOT Inspection is a disadvantage, which means “you” are a disadvantage.  No employers in the Transportation Industry want to employ a liability. 

Do you know how many times chauffeurs have blown the fuse in the limo that powers their GPS? What about, how many times a chauffeur forgot his power adapter to his GPS in his own personal car. Getting lost happens very fast. Last year I received a call about a lady who bought six $200 VIP tickets to a show and didn’t get their until the last half hour because the driver got lost. To you it’s only a sentence. To her it was a ruined night, an embarrassment and $1,200 down the drain. To me, it was a full refund of my money and an embarrassment to my company. When you get lost because you didn’t research your destination, “you” are a disadvantage. No employers in the Transportation Industry want to employ a liability. 

Showing up late is the number 1 reason I fire my drivers.  Showing up late is the number 1 reason why most clients will “never, ever” use their current limo service “ever” again.  Clients hate that.  I have lost major accounts, and I am talking about thousands and thousands of dollars, all because a driver overslept and/or didn’t leave early enough and was late.  Being late is bullshit.  When someone pays you to be ON TIME that doesn’t mean just because “you” and your ugly girlfriend are late to every single event you have ever attended, that it is OK to be late to my clients or another employers clients.  Showing up late can have astronomical consequences!!!  That is why I decided put an ON TIME OR FREE Guarantee on my limousine reservations.  I decided to punch the biggest problem the limousine industry has right in the face. ON TIME OR FREE.  Why?  Because I believe in being the BEST.  Yea I have a little bit of pride.  I like to think of it more as an ATTITUDE.  If “you” show up late, even one minute, “you” are a disadvantage.  No employers in the Transportation Industry want to employ a….  (You guessed it) A disadvantage.

Too many moving violations can be immediate grounds for your employment.  The FMCSA states calls Speeding Violations reasons for the Disqualification of A Commercial Driver.  Speeding tickets will increase your insurance.  Most chauffeurs get these wonderful citations because they did not manage their time properly and choose to speed to their pick up because they are going to be late if they don’t. The second highest time chauffeurs get speeding tickets is when they are driving down the highway, the clients are in the back of the limo singing loud and it just so happens to be one of Freddie The Chauffeurs favorite song too.  So the foot gets a little heavy and Freddie gets a ticket.  Transporting more than 8 people and doing over 20 mph over the speed limit is considered drivng with intent to danger and is a felony which means you get cuffed and you will recieve one felony per person in your limo. When you speed you are a disadvantage to me and every other employer in the Transportation Field. No employers want to employ a disadvantage.

iAccidents happen right? Not on my watch, I have not been in a motor vehicle accident in 19 years. Back in 1992 I rear ended a person doing about 5mph. Limousines should be driven slow. Smooth. Safely. You should not be showing off in a limousine, whipping it aroud corners and driving like a New York taxi cab driver. Relax. Drive slow. You should not be in a rush. If you are, your not manageing your time properly. You have alot fo sistractions in the rear of your vehicle. Bottom line, you have no business driving fast. Pay attention to everything when you get behind the seat of a 25 - 45 foot long limousine or party bus. 99% of your clients will not have a seat belt on. Getting into an accident will result into major casualties and/or law suits. Evel Knievels that crash limousines like wreckless idiots are a disadvantage to me and every other Limousine Operator out their. No Limousine Operators want to employ a disadvantage.

It happens quickly. You are reversing the limo and you tap something. You leave your rear window down and the next night is a major rain storm. You leave your interior lights on and the next day your battery dies and a bride is now 1 hour late. You come back after a long night and don’t plug in your glow plugs on your diesel engine. The next morning the clients getting picked up at 6 AM are one hour late. You bottom out at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln, RI because you were not paying attention to the slope in the ground. You damage your limo in a major way, a minor way. It doesn’t matter. Your carelessness has a domino effect. You’re becoming a liability because you’re not using 100% of your brain, your intuition, your discretion and your pre-planning skills. No employer in America wants to hire a disadvantage.


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