Never leave your limousine unattended at Logan Airport or you may be subject to a fine and/or the towing of your vehicle. The only exception to this rule is when you are walking inside the Massport office at the Limo Pool when you are trying to pick up your ticket.


All chauffeurs must go directly to the Massport Limo Pool area first, when you are doing an airport pick-up. Even if you drop off a client and then you have another one to pick up, you must still go to the Limo Pool and order a ticket. When Limousine services want to do business with Logan Airport, they must become Massport certified. Massport governs the transportation of all the highways in Massachusetts as well as Logan Airport. Once a Limo Service is qualified to do business with Logan Airport and is registered with Massport, they are given a Massport ID. Drivers must take this ID with them into the Massport office, present it to the cashier and they must buy a ticket each time they want to pick up a client. This ID allows Massport to invoice the Limo Service a small fee directly to their account. Once your ticket to pick up your client has been purchased, you must wait for your clients to call you and let you know that they have landed and they have their luggage.

When you enter the Terminal that your client has flown into, each Terminal has a designated spot for each limousine to pick up at. If you are caught picking up or dropping off at any other spot you may be subject to fines from the Massachusetts State Police. After September11th, the State Police have been extremely strict with every single person especially Limousine Services doing business with the Airport.


Dropping clients off is easy. Just follow your signs for the Terminal that your client is departing at and drop them off curbside.


Terminal A:
Ground Level/ Arrivals. Outside parking lot. See Map (above)

Terminal B:
Second Level/ Departures. Curbside. Where the Ground Transportation Limo Pick-up Signs are located. See Map (above).

Terminal C:
Second Level/ Departures. Curbside. Outside Lane. The lane furthest from the Terminal. (3rd lane over). See Map (above).

Terminal E:
Ground Level/ Arrivals. Outside parking lot. First left as you enter the Terminal. See map (above)

Please Note: Massport rules of picking your clients up and dropping them off has always changed. Stay up to date with Massport by going to their website.




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