A large portion of hourly runs are night outs on the town. Nights on the town can be anything from a trip to the casino, a concert, a restaurant, a play, a bar, a lounge or anything else that consists of simple fun in a limousine cruising around the town. 90% of nights on the town are on Friday and Saturday nights.



There are alot of CONS in staying out all night doing a Night on the Town, but there is also alot of PRO's.

Nights out runs are not for everybody. Some chauffeurs LOVE them and some HATE them. Most clients do not end up getting home until 4AM. By the time you get back to the lot, clean the limo, jump in your own car and make it home, the odds of you seeing the sun come up before you hit the sheets is pretty high. Me, I’m a night owl so I always loved it. The only other con about a night out is probably just the fact that some people HATE chauffeuring drunk people. I want to lay it all out on the table so you’re not in for any surprises once you start your new career. The PRO is the night on the town reservations can be very exciting, entertaining, fun and you will have more stories at Thanksgiving Dinner then you ever have. And you know who will be very proud of you right? Your mom.


I'm not saying you need to go study some restaurant in Framingham but you should do a fast search on Google Earth and look at a real photo above the place your heading to. Route 9 has a concrete divider in the middle of it that runs through all of Framingham. If you’re heading to the restaurant in a 6 wheel H2 Hummer, you may want to plan your route accordingly so you’re not forced into doing a U-turn. Most of your night outs in RI and MA will be in either Boston or Providence. Heading into those cities, you definitely want to research where you are heading first. Talk to other chauffeurs and/or view the Venues website. Limousines and large buses do not just fit everywhere.



Working the doors of a nightclub is alot easier than you think especially when you roll up in an exotic stretch limousine.

When I first started chauffeuring in the Limousine Industry back in 1905, I had just come out of the fine-dining, restaurant and hospitality industry. Within one year I started chauffeuring Celebrities. Chauffeuring important people was fun and I started working the doors at a lot of places, helping my clients skip lines, skip cover charges. I even started to get the GM's to come out of my limo and shake my clients hands as they walked inside their restaurant, lounge, bar etc... Yes, it was pretty easy when the name I rolled out was Tom Brady. Immediately, I started catering to all my clients as if they were Celebrities and my tips were becoming hundreds a night. If you’re going to be a chauffeur and doing the night on the town runs you need to know how to work the doors.

First things first. If you show up in a dirty limo and you look like a goof, you’re not going to get anywhere. In this field, many of the chauffeurs out their look like complete bums and most of my competitor’s limos are old body styles. When you roll up in a shiny, clean, new body style Cadillac Escalade, you will have the respect right away of the doorman.

Next, I walk straight to the rear door of my limo and I open it about 2 feet. I then tell my clients "Wait here. I'm going to go talk the doormen, I'll be right back." I then walk up to the doormen. Let's say I am outside a nightclub in Boston. The line is about 125 people deep. When I approach the door, I’m looking for the guy in charge. Sometimes the "guy in charge" is extremely busy. Too busy to talk. So I look for one of his right hand men. When I approach him, I introduce myself to him with a firm handshake. I then tell him I have some very important clients in my car, and the conversation from here can go two ways. If I have all smoking hot women than I use one approach. If I am chauffeuring prominent people, wealthy people, very popular people or a bunch of people that I know are going to spend a lot of money, I use a different approach.

Let’s say its hot women. I say to the gentleman, "I am chauffeuring 10 very hot ladies. I suggested to them your Venue. I take clients here all the time. I told my clients I would talk to you guys and confirm if we can set them up real quick on a guest list, get them to skip the line and when they get inside, I told them you guys would probably comp their cover too. Want me to introduce them to you?" What do you think his response is going to be? Well, let me help you out here. I am the Founder of New England Nightlife, New England VIP, New England Go Go Dancers, New England Bouncers, New England Exotic Dancers, New England Road Trips , New England Top DJ's and my Limousine Service in 2011 is currently doing more night outs in Boston and Providence than any limousine service in New England. His response is going to be "Sure" as he immediately is going to start following me to the rear door of the hottest vehicle sitting outside his Venue. If he says no, the very first thing his boss is going to say to him is "Where the hell is that Escalade going!!!!!?" All nightclubs have a Guest List and all Nightclub promoters are making a percentage of the door and guess what else? The bar. They want your clients inside and drinking. Once the gentleman gets to my rear door, I start out by saying, "Ladies, this is John. John these are my beautiful girls from Providence. This girl right here is Lisa. She is the Birthday girl." Then I say "Ladies, John said he is going to let you girls skip the line and he is going to comp all you guys." Now, who do you think is a straight hero wearing a red cape? You.

Learn how to run the doors. Everywhere. Your clients don't always have to be smoking hot ladies. If your chauffeuring a bunch of thugs and they look like all just got out of doing 10 years in jail, am I saying that a nightclub or bar in Hicksville is going to let them in? Well, maybe. Let's fo back to the second scenario from the above paragraph. Your chauffeuring prominent people, wealthy people, very popular people or a bunch of people that u know are going to spend a lot of money. I would approach the gentleman at the nightclub door as I stated above, with a firm handshake as I introduce myself to him. Then I would say, "I have a group of people in my limo. 8 hot girls. 8 guys. These guys are very important clients of mine. They use me all the time and spend a lot of money with me. I have been taking people to your Venue for a long time and I suggested them to come here. Or, maybe you want to say that you have heard great things from his Venue from other limo drivers so you told your clients about his place. Then ask him to put them on the house Guest List for line privileges and free entry. At worst case, he will probably say ladies free and guys reduced. I would also tell him, that he is more than welcome to also solicit them and try to see if he can sell them a VIP section, with couches by the dance floor, private VIP security and bottle service. That's when you will see his eyes light up. Promoters love to sell the VIP sections. It makes them look the best in front of the boss and they also make commission of the sections. Now that you have his attention, watch him march straight to the back of your limousine door so you can introduce him to your clients. Once again, you are the hero.

Even if you get rejected, it still makes you look good. You can go the rear of the car and say "Hey guys, I just tried working the door for ya, getting you to skip the line and tried to get your admission comped but they said no because tonight is a special event and they have a DJ coming in from Miami." 90% of the time you will not get rejected. 10% of the time, the staff will not be allowed to comp your clients due to a Special Event. At a minimum, they will usually always let your clients skip the line and get a reduced admission. I still strongly believe, that it does take a little bit of a personality too and a smile. Good Luck.


Letting your clients hange out the windows of your limousine while the radio is on full volume is a guaranteed way to get them banned from theclub before they even get in.


Approaching nightclubs with drunken client’s needs to be handled very carefully. Picture a quiet street where a Nightclub is located. People are standing in line waiting to get in the club. All of a sudden a Party Bus shows up and the music is pounding, the windows are down and all the clients are screaming out the windows because they are shitfaced. The first thing the lead bouncer is going to do is say into the headpiece, "Don't let that bus in." Venues do not want drunk people walking in their club. It is to much of a liability. As of summer 2011, the Providence Police made an effort to ban party buses. Drunk people are not only a liability, a large group of drunk people that all know each other is even more of a liability. You need to warn your clients, that when you approach the Venue, they must lower their radio and be very quiet getting out of the limo. Remind them that the Venues have a no tolerance policy for drunk groups. It is very important that you remind your clients about this. Last, when your clients are getting out of the limo, make sure that they are not bringing their alcohol out. The clubs will immediately deny them entry if they do.

One time my client got out of the limo and in front of everybody took a pee in back of the limo. The cop’s immediately cuffed him and took him down to the station. Another time, I just got done telling my clients to be nice and quiet when they got out of the limo. As soon as I did, one client went to push another client. The client moved out of the way and his buddy ran right into the head promoter and they both tumbled to the ground. LOL It was so embarrassing because the line was like 50 people and the promoter was on the ground with my drunk client looking like a fool. Just remember, in your world, its calm and collective. In their world, they are in the back of a limo, drinking, flirting and singing. The windows are up and the world only exist inside the limo.


If your chauffeuring a group of guys, take them to a place thats likes groups of guys like a bar or a Gentlemans Club.

Many clubs don't like large groups of guys. One time my guys went to a Gentleman Club, ripped a toilet off the whole, started a major flood and then beat up a few bouncers. The logic around why clubs don't like large groups of guys is because guys always act like a bunch of clowns and they love to get drunk, do shots and get rowdy. Once they get rowdy the clubs major concern so that their own in-house bouncers may not be able to sop a fight if one breaks out with 20 dudes. So if you have a group of guys, I suggest you bring them to Strip Club or a bar. If you want to bring them to a nightclub, you can still to get them VIP but you might get rejected.



Good Girls. Bad Girls. Short Girls. Tall Girls. Blond Girls. Brunette Girls. Good luck on your night out with a limo full of girls.

Girls are easy. They love karaoke bars, drag queen shows, bars, lounges and dance clubs. Most places want to see women inside their Venues so they will usually not only comp their cover charges, many will even give them a free section with a complimentary bottle of champagne.



Never get involved when your clients fight. Tell the other passengers to break it up and threaten to cancle the job if they get unruly or disorderly.

Fighting is a major problem on night outs. If your clients start fighting you’re probably going to have to make a decision on who the trouble maker is. Who started the fight? If your client becomes disorderly you need to cancel the job or kick the disorderly person out of the Limo. If things get out of hand you will need to call 911. In no situation should you ever get involved in the fight. You should never get in the middle. Do your best to keep the limo protected and call the police if you need help. Often, you can just tell the other passengers, if they don’t help stop the fight immediately, everyone’s walking.



Sometimes you have to kick people out of the limo. Make sure if you do, you leave them at a hotel (first choice) and anywhere else that’s safe for them (second choice). It is illegal to drop your clients off on the highway or any place that is not safe. Recently there was a law suit that the limo service lost because the limo driver dropped his client off in a park and ride parking lot and the client was drunk. By doing that, the client had no choice but to jump in her car and drive home. If the client was dropped off at a place where she could have slept at a hotel or a friend’s house the court would have felt like the limo driver looked out for her safety. That night, the drunk client got into a bad accident. Let talk next about dropping off drunk clients.


A professional chauffeur's job is done when his clients are returned safely to a place where they are not forced to drive home drunk.


This is a tough subject because its 345AM, you want to go home after working 8 hours and your client is drunk. Too drunk to drive. What do you do? #1, inform the other clients and reach out for some help through their friends. Suggest that they sleep over their friend’s house and not drive. Or, suggest if they can leave their car there and have a friend drop them off and they can work on getting their car the next day. You can also suggest to bring them home yourself and they can go back the next day and get their car. If there is nobody around that you can ask to help out the situation, then your only option seems to be "you" take them home. If they are too drunk to handle the overtime charge that’s OK because your reservation should have a credit card and a signature on it for exactly this purpose.

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