Clean your limo.

At the end of the night cleaning out your limousine may seem like its going to take you an hour. Follow my simple system and it shouldnt take you more than 15 minutes and thats maximum.

First off, swing by a Cumberland Farms, spend $4 and buy yourself a brown pair of work gloves. Thy make cleaning out your limo fast and sanitary.

On your way to bring the limo back, hit up a car wash, a gas station, your x-girlfriends house, anywhere you can empty your trash. Make sure that you empty out all compartments. All refrigerators. Check behind the seats. Empty out all your trash.
Estimated time: 5 minutes

Spray down your counters and seats with a cleaning solution of your choice and wipe them.
Estimated time: 5 minutes

Now that your trash is empty and your counters and seats are wiped down, vacuum your floors. If your limo has tile or hardwood floors, spray them and wipe them after vacuuming them too.
Estimated time: 5 minutes


Shut off all your controls

This is very important. You leaving a simple laser light on or one, just one interior light, can cause a chauffeur the next day to be late for his pick up and a very angry client. Shut every single solitary light off. When your done at the end of the night, re-look one more time.

Make sure your sunroofs, moonrooof, windows etc... are also closed. Shut your limo down. The job is done.


Complete your Post Trip Report

Most companies are going to have you fill out some kind of Post Trip Report. If you are given a Post Trip Report, fill it completely out. Show your employer that you like to follow directions and that you can. I have some chauffeurs that fill out every little thing I give them, and some that dont fill out anything. Dont be just another driver. Be a professional Chauffeur. Their is a huge differance. Here at Celebrity Limousine, this is what our Post Trip Report looks like.


Turn in your money

After your limo is shut down and locked and your Post Trip Report is completely filled out, put your money in an envelope with your Post Trip Report and turn it into the office. If the office is closed ask your management what you should do. Do not just take the money home and make the office call you, text you, call your mom, text your aunt and have to leave your whole genelogical tree a damn voicemail. Turn your money in without them having to chase you.


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