A GPS is a must. And don't forget to bring your charger. Your GPS will not be to much of a help if it is dead. The best kind in my opinion is the kind that has lots of options that tell you were to find gas, food and other important places. Get one with a good size screen so it is easy to follow and make sure it has the audio opion.
Approximate Cost: $125.00

Yes, map books are out dated. You should still have one in your brieface though just in case your GPS charger stops working. Randy Mcnally offers some of the best RI and MA mapbooks. Its a one time buy and you will be able to hold onto it for years. Trust me. One of thse days it will come in very handy.
Approximate Cost: $20 each

Every chauffeur should have a black briefcase. Yes, black. No gym bags or hotel suitcases. A briefcase. Your briefcase should be stocked with blank reservations, airport signs, damage contracts, calculator, pens, staples, envelopes, post trip reports, wine bottle opener, flashlight, map books, a tire pressure reader and anything else you think you may need to help you better chauffeur..

Some limo companies stock their own umbrella's in their limousines. The problem is they break often and/or some chauffeurs take one out of one limo and put it in another. Who looks like the unprepared clown when it starts to down pour? You. Buy your own "X-LARGE", black umbrella at Macy's or JC Penny.
Approximat Cost: $20

Some limo companies will stock their limousines with garbage bags. Small garbage bags are not only just to put people trash in, they are also good for people to us if they are going to get sick. A small roll of thin bags does not cost much at all and they compliment a night out in a very important way.
Approximate Cost: $3.00

Some limo companies will also stock their limousines with cleaning supplies. Here at Celebrity Limousine our chauffeurs are responsible for their own cleaning supplies. We found that when supplies ran low they just simply wouldn't clean the limo so their lazyness backfired on them. The only supplies you really need is a cleaning solution, a rag and a small sweeping brush.

A white or black serving towel is a very professional look when you are opening a bottle of wine or a bottle of champagne. Once the bottle is open, you should then pour the champagne (ladies first). When you are done, you should wrap the serving towel around the bottle and hand the bottle to the client.
Approximate Cost: $10.00


A suit is usually one of the first things you buy when you become a chauffeur. That, and a GPS. Make sure your suit is wool. Not polyester. Or your suit will get very wrinkled every time you sit down. Make sure your suit is dry cleaned and always wrinkle free. Here at Celebrity Limo our suits are 100% completely jet black. Approximate Cost: $200

Having the proper weather gear is very important. Their will be nights that it is absolutely down pouring. Nights that youn will be chauffeuring and it is about 5 degrees out with very high winds. Get the proper gear. Stay warm. Stay dry. You should have black gloves, scarfs, long johns, rain boots, and anything else that will help you perform your duties the best way you can.


A black wool overcoat will not only keep you warrm from Fall to Spring but it will also make you look good. Wool jackets look very sharp. For an even more classier look, tell your mom you want a Cashmere Jacket for Christmas. You will not want to wear Cashmere in the rain so take that into consideration. Wool Jacket: $125 Cashmere Jacket: $300


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