We believe the secret to success is knowledge. In the transportation field, this knowledge is called Safety Compliance. Driving is the easy part. Being into compliance with so many agencies is the hard part. Well, we make that easy for you. This program is for the student who is just getting started and is seeking to transporting passengers of 8 or more. This program is also for the student who is looking to get a CDL License and transport 15 or more passengers in Intersatate Commerce across the US.

Below are some of the areas in our Safety Compliance Program:


Getting a Medical Card
Getting a CDL License
Adding Passenger Endorsements
Adding Air Brake Endorsements
Air Brake Course
Getting a RI PUC Blue Card
Basic Chauffeur Qualifications
CDL Qualifications
CDL Disqualifications
Obtaining a BCI Check
Obtaining a CORI Certification
Ordering a Driving Record
Log Books
Drivers Hours of Service Records
FMCSA Regulations
USDOT Rules and Regulations
RI PUC Rules and Regulations
IRP Authority
Mass DPU
Roadside Inspections
Random Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug and Alcohol Clearing House
Annual Evaluations

To get started contact us and schedule an interview. We will sit down and listen to your needs and goals. Based upon that, we can determine a plan for you to get started and a budget that works for you. Call 508-LIMOUSINE or text SAFETY COMPLIANCE to 4014873964. We look foward to working with you.